Sigilation: The Work of Nicole McConville
sig*il (sij'el) n. 1. a seal: a signet 2. a sign or an image considered to be magical or enchanting; a tool used to stimulate one's own subconscious mind.

sig*il*ation (sij'el'a'shen) n. 1. transformation of ordinary items into an image or object possessing innate magical powers; an invocation of a lucid dream state through which a sigilistic object may be created. 2. the opening of the linkage between the subconscious and the conscious mind; a trance-like state of artistic creation.

My multi-layered collage, assemblage, and encaustic works aim to create emotive new worlds through the rediscovery of found objects and images. With a particular interest in the exploration of metaphors of flight and spiritual portals, these creative divinations—reminiscent of the space between waking and dreaming--reveal the sacred within the seemingly ordinary. These works are an invitation in contemplation.